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Image by Alexandra Nataf, Unconditional Magazine Sept 2016.

Hello, I'm Zuzu, a twenty year old foodie and model (a paradoxical pair, perhaps, but I make it work most of the time) currently living in NY state and a limbo hinterland between high school and college. Before diving back into academia, I am taking a gap year (initially one, now nearly three!) in order to explore, to grow up, to do with as I please. So what is it that I please? The word "please" itself comes from old french "plaisir," meaning to satisfy and delight. And that’s what I hope this year will be: an opportunity for satisfaction—of my simplest and oddest curiosities, my life-long dreams, day-old whims, my life-lust—and for delight, for experiencing the world, for writing, for learning french (enfin!), cooking healthy-but-not-particulary-pretty foods that my family won’t eat, working, walking, and painting three portraits of Frida Kahlo in one afternoon simply because I CAN. (And because, of course, Frida Kahlo is the greatest person in the world.)  

I have no structured agenda for these months- this is no Eat Pray Love, to be sure, (but then again I'm not a 30 year old divorced lady like Liz Gilbert-- though sometimes I may seem like one...) but agenda or no I am equipped with a nomadic job and a penchant for poetry and painting, and I hope these will keep the ride interesting enough. So step aboard my whimsy gap year train, it’s a great delight (and satisfaction, if we’re gonna keep with the theme here) to have you! ;) Hold your cap on tight, and as you climb aboard don't forget to mind the gap…