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Zuzu Tadeushuk

I. Augury of Innocence:

Once on a wily summer day

I thought myself a game to play

And called the fearsome Wind to me To help me climb the Apple tree. 

Among the boughs I caught the leaves

That Wind blew down with huffs and heaves. I laughed aloud with joy to know

That Wind, the Free One, loves me so. 


II. Augury of Experience

Leaves and stone and brittle bone

Lie close beneath the feeble frost.

Fall just come but already the tone

And pitch of transition is lost. 

Fearsome Wind now Winter bears

On its lone and boundless back.

Into the twisted orchard it tears,

But in a raindrop's fall – alack! 

In the blink of an eye, in the heave of a sigh,

It speeds on it's barren course away!

Ever to wander, ever to fly

O'er the best and the worst without stopping a day.