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Fifteen Things I Was Born With:

Zuzu Tadeushuk

Reflections of a Newly-Minted Adult


1.     One dimple; the right cheek only. 

 2.    Memory that recalls which day of the week Christmas fell on for the past seven years. 

 3.    Pudgy baby arms that retained a crease of chub at the wrists until I turned seven

 4.    A head of black hair like an inky hedgehog. 

 5.    A powerful bawl that weakened with time. 

 6.    Disregard for the world that weakened with time. 

 7.    Good karma 

 8.    Bad circulation 

9.     Skill with words and romantic languages. 

10.    Chocolate craving. 

11.    Difficulty making decisions 

12.    My mom's extremely long second toe. 

13.    Barbaric Viking blood that rarely rears its head...

14.    Compassion for insects. 

15.    Sleepless nights, sunny days, a future of 18 years at least, pebbles on the path laid before me.