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Things I Fear

Zuzu Tadeushuk

I fear cliché phrases and I fear wasting time.

I fear ripped skin at my cuticles.

I fear big fish and swimming with creatures

like Mystery Beast who dined on me one Friday night in Doolittle Lake.                    

I fear being last

I fear being late

I fear being lonely

and I fear being homesick.

I fear IV ports and blood tests and shots.

I fear forgetting people's names and making bad impressions,

losing my phone and getting sunburned.

I fear improv games and large dogs.

I fear mothers I babysit for.

I fear losing purpose,

losing passion,


I fear pimples that leave scars.

I fear threatening men,                                                                                          

Trump being president,                                                                                              

anything else that leaves scars.                                                                                 

I fear a water crisis. I fear not knowing things, 

not knowing me.                                                                                                            

I fear desensitization to the thrills of humanhood and

desensitization to the plights of humanhood.                                                                

I fear the plights of humanhood, too,

and I fear not doing anything about them.