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Break It Down: A Layman's Guide to Fashionweek

Zuzu Tadeushuk

Step one: Precasting- meet the movers and shakers of the modeling field, strut around for them in a pair of stilettos, and avoid tripping or, like I once did, stopping short in the middle of the room drawing a sudden blank on where you’re going…for these are the people who cast for the shows.

Step two: Casting- if you do as directed above and don't make a fool of yourself, you proceed to meet the designers or design teams of each brand the casting agent works for. And you do the same strutting (while still avoiding a faceplant), and perhaps by some unaccountable stroke of luck they’ll call you back for…

Step Three: Fitting- Usually a day before the show, you return to be fit in one of the looks from the collection, and if all goes well you're agent will email you when you've been "confirmed," you'll do a little happy dance when no one's looking, try to get a few hours sleep, and next thing you know you’ll be sitting backstage with a coffee (and, if you're me, half the pastries from the catering table, especially if they involve chocolate), getting h&mu done for the show!

Backstage at Derek Lam