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The Strange Things I Do for my Job (and Not), Part II

Zuzu Tadeushuk

Playing manager for my mom last Friday (does that make me a... "daught-a-ger?") as she was requested for a Marc Jacobs project shooting that day-- that hour!-- in soho but refused it on the sliiightly reasonable grounds that she was at that very moment sprawled on a table at Nyack Hospital getting an iron infusion and (less reasonable) had plans to help my brother make his impending Halloween costume. I made a few phone calls trying to arrange a way for her to go to the city anyway, and wasted a good deal of breath trying to change her mind--even deliriously offering to stay up all night sewing Nicolai's costume in her stead (don't know what I was thinking: I couldn’t wield needle and thread to save my life) but alas mama wouldn't be swayed and the surface of her midlife modeling career remains unscratched…YET! We still do harbor hopes of making this industry into a family affair— we’re just waiting for Calvin Klein to come asking my dad to do their next underwear campaign…(or Depends, more like)!!

Rough Watercolor of Mom (Emphasis on ROUGH)!! Apologies to her and anyone who knows what her face actually looks like (but I started this in an 8th Ave Starbucks and finished it on the bus ride home, so...).