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Excuses Are Like Assholes etc—But Here's One Anyway:

Zuzu Tadeushuk

One of my favorite sayings when I was a kid was "excuses are like assholes: everyone has them and they all stink," and it was my favorite of course because it included a curse word and that was nothing short of thrilling for a media-starved Waldorf middle-schooler. But the aphorism bears truth. And even so saying, I will now hypocritically make an excuse for my long blogular silence these past few weeks: I've been writing a paper. A paper that has taken days to research and days to organize, and which it may actually interest you to read, because it's about the Electoral College—yes my timing is superb—and all the scholarly proof of why it should really be abolished already. If you are so inclined, the link is below! Thanks, and now I promise I have a blog post on the way! :)