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Fashion Month the Second: AW16!

Zuzu Tadeushuk

So if you are a long standing and loyal reader of this blog—first of all, let me say I love you to the moon and back, and second and more to the point,— you may remember my very first posts about a bizarre and laborious month called, in all rhetorical irony, fashion week. If you’re a new visitor, bienvenue, and you can brush up on some fashion week basics here:

Many of you probably know that fashion week is happening again this month. It officially kicked off in NYC on Feb 11, and once New York Fashion Week ends, will move on to London, Milan, and finally Paris, wrapping up on March 9. The whirlwind cycle of castings, fittings, and shows recapitulates in each city, rendering subway rides infinite, sleep scant, and recreation nonexistant. Not to mention the innumerable shapes, sizes, colors, and consistencies of blister it treats your feet to…

The past week of my life has been spent attending six castings a day. I find this preliminary stage of the “season” a bit suspenseful, as a model’s reception here sets the tone for the rest of the month and in part determines her success of the next half year, for so much in fashion hinges on who walks what during show season. And the fact that I did fairly well last season means little, as the fashion industry is never one to accept what is already even slightly established, but rather to revel in unpredictability and defiance of expectation. 

This being said, there is still some hope to be found in the form of human relationship, for as in most other industries, personal connection is paramount: where you go depends on who you know. The question is, do relationships eclipse creative dictates when it comes to populating a runway vision-- especially in a field with an ever escalating demand for tomboy models and atypical faces? This and more we will find out in the coming weeks. 

It’s difficult to read a casting’s outcome, and when I whimsically predict results to myself on my bus ride home from the city each night, I’m usually always wrong. So I am as keen as any to see what these days will bring. As I've said here before, I can always appreciate what my job gives me by way of experience and worldly education, and I know that come popularity or no I am still gaining greatly every day that I get up and step out into some city in the world and make my own way and forge my own connections and discover my own discoveries. So here's to the start of another nebulous, unfurling Fashion Week. Here's to continuing to satisfy curiosity, embody fresh visions, and fend off toe-blisters as best I can! And with that I’ll leave you to wonder what exactly I just gabbed about for half a page (good luck with that!)— I have to run to a fitting. Adieu, and let the games begin!

With Lineisy Montero and Lily Stewart on the subway  between castings <3