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Easter Art

Zuzu Tadeushuk

My latest artistic endeavor? A seasonal, age-old craft known as Ukrainian Easter Egg decoration. Something I do with my entire family each year, these eggs take a great deal of patience, forethought, and, of course, dexterity. Applying melted wax onto egg shells with little funneled styluses called “kitskes,” you create forms in wax that protect the egg surface from the dye you then submerge it in. After multiple layers of alternating wax and dye, you melt all the wax away over a flame to reveal the colors that have been preserved beneath. Perfection— even for a bunch of nitpicky perfectionists like ourselves— never enters into the equation. From the first uncertain squiggle to the last, you can’t even hope to create anything resembling the image you envision: dripping wax and sloppy styluses make for crude etchings and frequent mistakes. But oftentimes it is these mistakes that give our finished eggs their endearing qualities, as in the case of the rendition of “The Two Fridas” I did this week: faceless, eyebrow-less (sacrilege, I know! Frida sans unibrow?) zombies with scanty hair who are clearly the product of a blunt stylus— and a blunt hand— incapable of detail. Though they don’t command admiration or awe, my two little Frida’s do elicit a smile (or rather a full-fledged laugh) from my family members whenever they look on them! I’m pretty sure that’s a good thing… ?

My First egg this year- portrait of Frida Kahlo

The opposite side of said egg. 

My Infamous Two Frida's, a genuine masterpiece if I ever saw one...

And...another Parrot on the back of it, cause her monkey is too hard to draw.