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Tides and Tribulations

Zuzu Tadeushuk

You were weaving too many ideas together,

a dangerous thing at best

stitching together impossible hopes

like a pearl embroiderer

embroidering pearls on the dock where your heart

was shipped overseas.

On its way it got lost


dropped somehow, silent,

and the seagulls saw

it, they were the only ones,

and ate it like a clam.

Packaged and lost in the span of two days,

and now

where does that leave you?


On the playroom table.

We played doctor when we were young, faking 

C sections and craniotomy.

You’re just a soft white mouse,

the Christmas toy always left out of the game

and the brother crying above.

You always knew you were heartless 

towards yourself, chest empty— 

clam gone

embroidering spangled droplets of your blood

over the sea like

foam on my ebbing hope.

JK I love Life, but we all have moments...