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Mildly Misrepresented Marvellousness

Zuzu Tadeushuk

The past week, I have been in Chile visiting my brother who is on exchange here, and during this time I have fallen completely in love with the Andes (who wouldn't)! Inspired by the mountain range's fading colors at sunset and seemingly endless layers like frills on a dress hem, I painted them-- into the background of a rather caricaturish, folky (and hokey) portrait of a young boy who doesn't actually look very young! He is highly stylized ( the style of some frightening child-meets-conquistador concoction?), and the mountains themselves are no less fantastical. But cartoony though they may be, they do represent some small particle of a small experience of small me in the large world. Of a moment, an impression, a love. Te quiero Chile!

Gouache and Watercolor on paper.