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Do You Get to Keep the Clothes? (Ace & Jig, Ice Cream, Street Art, and more)

Zuzu Tadeushuk

The question I get asked most about being a model is this: "Do you get to keep the clothes?" No. I don't-- with all the models that pass through a designer's atelier this would hardly be a sustainable practice. However, if you're fortunate enough to work with such kind and caring people as happen to comprise the team of Ace & Jig, you might just wake up one morning and find a gift bag of clothes in the mail for you (and, if you're me, be eyebrow-raisingly gleeful for the next few days).

 I love clothes, as some of you might know. I especially love summer clothes (I mean, warm weather allows for all the creativity of expression that winter’s tedious coats suppress)! So I was remarkably lucky through this modeling job of mine to be introduced last fall to the brooklyn-based brand Ace & Jig— whose clothes (pure cotton textiles hand woven by a holistic manufacturer in India that even supplies its employees with organic food!) prove that fashion can be at once magically, obsessively beautiful AND practical, ethical, natural. Plus, Ace & Jig creations comprise the ultimate vacation wear, which you can imagine has me drooling. Have you seen anything that hollers “holiday” louder than this red ‘Frances’ tank top of theirs? Like many Ace & Jig pieces, it is reversible, oh-so-satisfyingly layerable, and suits a myriad of occasions. Pair it with a choker and slinky high-waisted pants for a night on the town, or over a wide flouncy skirt for a windswept stroll along the beach. Or imagine this shirt against a South American street colorful enough to match it’s own vibrancy— oh wait, you don’t have to. Because last week in Chile, I spent a day exploring the muraled alleys of Valparaíso, a saturated, art-filled village perched precariously on a hill above the Pacific— and I wore, of course, the most festive summer shirt I could conceive of (and one that doesn’t wrinkle in a suitcase, too)! My brother, camera in hand as usual, took some pictures for me, which turned out, in my mind, to be a photographic homage to the love I bear warm-weather clothes. Here were all my favorite things gathered into one tableau: sun and summer, paint and cotton, art and fashion (and a really tasty ice cream shop just out of the frame! Yes, we got some). This was Chile, this was summer, this was— and will, I hope, always be— my dearest, loveliest Ace & Jig.

Frances Top Flare by ace & jig, $ 172

Photos by Nicolai Tadeushuk, unedited.