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Working on Laughing

Zuzu Tadeushuk

Hi everyone! I found a little mantra that I’d like to share today— don’t recall who said it or posted it or whatnot, but it resonates with me, and I thought it might do the same with you:

“Eat half

Walk double

Laugh triple and

Love without measure.”

The first few points are fairly simple. They are tenets of any healthy lifestyle: mindful eating (quality over quantity; full sensory engagement in each bite; gratitude for each bite) and physical exercise (no explanation required, right)?

But I’m still working on the last points. It’s surprisingly hard to get in enough laughs in a day! Either I don’t spend time with enough humorous people or I’ve an unusually stern and indifferent disposition. ….which both sound about right.

But what about infinite love? Yes, I love my family “without measure,” and my friends “without measure.” But could I love more? I love trees, I suppose. I love them almost obsessively (yes it sounds really weird but my dad has this too so maybe I’m hereditarily really weird). Should I love the sky as well? The sky is without measure. Should I love the rain as well? The rain is nearly without measure, or at least a measure of 1050 millimeters per year. The rain sustains our life, and though life itself is not without measure, the effects of a life are.

I'm starting to realize more and more that it's truly this last point, the love point, that makes all the difference in a life. Its been proven time and again that we become happier individuals when we are attentive of those around us, and act ethically. Ethical practice, as explained by none other than the Dalai Lama, means acting out of concern for the well-being of others, while unethical action is any deed that compromises the happiness or expectation of happiness of another. If acting ethically means not harming others, it requires that we be constantly aware of the feelings of others. This idea lies at the heart of many religious and philosophical doctrines-- but more importantly is something we all know already by instinct. We just don't always make the effort to implement it. 

So I for one will keep working on myself. I'll try to love more. I'll try to laugh more, hang with more funny people, maybe lose the resting b*tch face… Cause the things in life that matter are usually the shockingly simple ones, like chewing your food slowly or giving way to your adoration of trees. I know that that specifically may not be for everyone (though honestly look at trees more closely, I’m telling you), but there must be some things you can each find to revel in. Seeking them out and enjoying them— it’s a small price to pay for happier selves.