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Too Distant to Tell

Zuzu Tadeushuk

This is a poem from a month ago, when I was down in Santiago, Chile. What I was quite amazed by was the fact that there were tons of generous, ripe fruit trees producing lemons, oranges, pomegranates etc, even though it is for them the dead of winter. And what fruit! Ah if only I could say the same of my own yard...

~ ~ ~

There’s a hummingbird outside

my window in the 

rose tree which is next to 

the orange tree

which is full of ripe oranges.

There is no need to whittle

away this reality.

I think I’ll take it fully conscious, fully

with my self. 

~ ~

Walking home with a bag

of eggs a dog barked

from behind a wall

and then all of a sudden

I had gilded boots

on the sidewalk

and no eggs.

~ ~

Stop always striving to do

something useful. Think

of the pricker bush

just standing there

to be prickly.

What gags—

the things we don’t 


are ourselves.

Pricker bushes.

~ ~

There are three parrots in the pomegranate 

tree in the neighbor’s 

yard, the neighbor with the many chimneys,

next to our yard with its full orange bower and annoying cat.

Three parrots like green livers

in pomegranates oranged with morning sun.

Or are they peaches?

Too far to tell.