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Chocolate and the Baker's Daughter-in-Law

Zuzu Tadeushuk

Angelina is an iconic society teahouse that was founded in Paris by an Austrian man in 1903, named after his daughter-in-law, or granddaughter, depending who you ask. Both women, in fact,  were named Angelina. For over a century, Angelina has reeled in the famous and elegant of the world and cranked out famous hot chocolate. The best chocolate I've tasted in my chocoholic life. I've now had their exalted pitcher of chocolat l'africain three times during different visits to Paris, and it never fails to astound. The first time I had it was sort of by accident, in the Louvre in the exhausted and ecstatic aftermath of my first fashion week a year and a half ago. The most recent time was four days ago, after sitting for a portrait that will become an Hermés perfume campaign. A few groggy, jet lagged morning hours before my return flight to New York afforded me the perfect opportunity to sit, sketch, and chocolate-OD at one of the little round tables in the salon on the Rue de Rivoli... An auspicious way to start 2017, I'd say. A sweet way to greet January.

Paris, Jan 2017