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Silent Hollers: East Ramapo and How It Can Save American Education


Silent Hollers: East Ramapo and How It Can Save American Education

Zuzu Tadeushuk

When asked by my college English professor this past semester to write an assignment about education reform, I didn't have to look far to find my subject. For I live, and have lived all my life, in the suburban school district of East Ramapo, which has become tragically notorious for its mismanaged pubic board. Attending a private school for the entirety of my primary and secondary education, I have not been victim myself of the fiasco that unfolded within the board, but my classmates and I were perpetually aware of the difficulties facing our public school counterparts. So researching my native area, and writing about it, seemed only sensible. And useful, too, I hope. For I believe it is of utmost importance that citizens and lawmakers alike be made aware of the intrinsic instability of our public school system in America today: there may be many other political and social issues on our minds at the moment, *cough,* but none of them can even begin to be remedied without the fundamental resource that begets it all--education.  See link below.