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Momento: Paris

Zuzu Tadeushuk

A vision of a rare sunny day in Paris! Pictured: the Musee de la Vie Romantique (museum of romanticism), which houses some Baudelaire sketches, some pianos, and a cast of Chopin’s left hand. Not pictured: my friend Camille who came to the Museum with me. She is studying writing at the Sorbonne this semester, and loves Claire Louis Bennett and plant-filled vegan cafes almost more than I do. We got into the museum this afternoon free of charge: the guard said this was because we are “from New York;” I think it is because Camille has blond hair and piercing green eyes and because I looked sorta alright myself today, fresh off a morning fitting with Céline. As high a personal cost as beauty tends to come at, it sometimes pays too (in crude financial terms).

watercolor and ink on paper