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Zuzu Tadeushuk


How many cities have

I arrived in bleary-eyed, wearing

my neck pillow like a fedora (askew),

to only ever know

from the inside of a room?

On the move I miss entirely September in Paris when

everything looks sounds smells feels so full

it might burst open

and dribble.


I collect beds and windows

and empty mugs and the

forest of little spoons in the drainboard

from breakfast.

It’s so hard to leave

it’s so easy to love

the ways things look

when we leave them.

Coming Home

Nicolai seemed

to be maturing today. 

A bit more grown up,

didn’t he strike you

that way?


A little honey on a tissue 

is my bookmark

at the last page of 

an essay by Joan Didion.

I like being on the bus

dazed and drowsy

chocolate mouthed

in the silence and the sunlight.

For a second 

I thought I only brought one 

high heel

for my casting

But I was mistaken.

Three more towns to go.