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Postcard Poem 20- Casting

Zuzu Tadeushuk



What strangeness. / I am a body / like any other-- / comprised of defects and wonders-- / jostled along in this stealthy bus / a kneeling bus / they call it, / towards a forum of / other assorted bodies / to be watched, and / judged, and / used. 

postcard Poem 16- Groundhog

Zuzu Tadeushuk

Artist Unknown- can anyone who reads Hebrew tell me?

I had dinner with the groundhog tonight. / We both supped on greens- / mine from a plate, his from the ground / and looked at each other / across the space between / like lovers / who have said all there is to be said / and silently converse thru glances.

Postcard Poem 14- My Eyes

Zuzu Tadeushuk

Nickolas Muray, 1939.

I want a life that engulfs the world / I see many things / and let my eyes wander. / Catch them if you like / but I warn you / they will tell you plainly / what there is of me / that you can know of you. / My eyes are true / as piss holes in clean snow.

Postcard Poem 13- Satire

Zuzu Tadeushuk


Oh come and look / see the beautiful view! / He came, she pushed, / He pulled her, too / and all at once-- they flew. / The sky was blue and cloudless, / The mountain air was clean. / The children who were playing there / Ne'er again were seen.

Postcard Poem 6- Beautiful

Zuzu Tadeushuk

Da Vinci (the very portrait of the king's mistress that I was so intrigued by that day in the Louvre)...

Life is seeping / 'tween my lids. / And Beauty- / incandescent- / burning without fade / through the seams / and cracks of the day. / Will beauty ever cease / to be so consuming / to the eyes? I / almost / want to be released...

Postcard Poem 5- Courage

Zuzu Tadeushuk

Art by unspecified Bread and Puppet artist. Poem written this summer. 

I'm growing and Individual / under my frail breastbone. / She hasn't been here long, you know, / she's only sprouted recently / with the rain and shine of / these seasons. / I can see that she is fresh, / she peeps out through my ribs. / I see that she bears gifts / for me, / and am conscious of unfurling regalness. / I see she knows me / and has for eons / and I only meeting her now.