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Black Squirrel

Zuzu Tadeushuk

Beneath the mildest moons of five years ripe                                                                                 

There thrived in solitude a squirrel unique                                                                                       

And different from all others of his type

In that he wore a coat of black fur sleek.                                                                                          

The only beast of his rare color here,

He passed his days in fame amid our midst                                                                                     


And his became to us a face so dear.

Until one morning verdant with spring bliss,                                                                                  

When, sped on by the slippered soles of fate,                                                                                   

One black van roaring at a reckless pace

Layed flat the nimble squirrel beneath its weight                                                                                

As he came running, swift with fatal grace.


His famous pelt was plastered to the street,                                                                                          

His soul rose up; eternal peace to greet.