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Fashion Week FW17

Zuzu Tadeushuk

February Fashion Week I did one show in New York (Phillip Lim) and one show in Paris (Nina Ricci), and in between worked for a week in the flatlands outside Bangkok and tried not to get too sunburned :)

Rebecca Taylor Lookbook, New York

Zuzu Tadeushuk

This shoot just came out a few weeks ago, but it actually took place more than six months ago! It was a hot September morning in a spacious white Tribeca apartment. The day proved warm enough that we were sweating as we worked, and holding kittens in sticky hands was more than mildly uncomfortable. The apartment we shot in was more than bizarre: rented for the day from a small, blond woman who hawkishly presided over our every move, it was filled from floor to ceiling with dolls. China dolls, wax dolls, stuffed dolls, as well as figurine animals and lacy baby's outfits dangling limp from small embroidered hangers and attached to the walls like artwork. The place had a confusing, eerie aura of dustiness and antiquity to it--until the photographer's crew gingerly relocated every figure and trinket to the office room at the back and cleared space for us to shoot in. Photography by Kava Gorna, Clothes by Rebecca Taylor, Hair Tamara MchNaughten, Make-up Deanna Melluso. Thank You all dearly! 

Vogue Mexico Apr 17 Issue, Mexico City

Zuzu Tadeushuk

It could have been a fairytale. It wasn't. (You may remember reading why.) But despite the challenges and the hindrances imposed by my inexplicable physiology on this shoot for Vogue Mexico, the resulting editorial, published this month in that magazine, is surprisingly sleek. And it managed to turn out so because everything else that day, as if in compensation, proved more than idyllic: the location was surreal (Javier Senosiain's Casa Orgánica), the weather divine (mild mid sixties in Mexico City), and the team was expert, and kind (all local Mexican artists, styling all-Mexican garment labels, in an all-Mexican structure). Illness, flowers, Mexicanism and all, it would have made Frida Kahlo proud. 

Photography by Fernando Marroquin, Styling by Valentina Collado. Thank you!

Massimo Dutti, Barcelona

Zuzu Tadeushuk

Vastly different from the last pictures I put up here, these shots were taken a mere day after those. The Chloe pics below are natural, casual, slouchy even, while these are much more polished and conservative. Those were taken in Paris, these in Barcelona. In the windowless bowels of the Inditex factory there, a whole week was devoted to shooting this website material for Massimo Dutti, a brand I'd always associated with Italy but which, I obviously learned, is in fact Spanish. The things we learn...

Couture Week, Paris, January 2017

Zuzu Tadeushuk

Couture Week was not in the books of my January life, as far as I was concerned, but as it happened I had to fly to Paris that week anyway, and while I was there I picked up a few nifty shows along the way... Very grateful to Valentino for their lasting support of me over the years, and to Dior for booking me this week for the first time, at last! It was a thrilling week <3 

See by Chloé Fall 2017 Lookbook, Paris

Zuzu Tadeushuk

A few weeks ago in Paris I spent a day on set at Studio Zéro in the 19th Arrondissement, shooting a lookbook for See by Chloe, the "younger" offshoot line designed by, obviously, the brand Chloe. The clothes were beautiful, all cozy and casual and just the type of things I would wear, and the catering on set served heavenly gluten free bread with lunch :) All parties were pleased. Shot by Lea Colombo, Styled by Ursina Gysi. Thank you!

Edited Lookbook, Berlin.

Zuzu Tadeushuk

Two days before Christmas this year, I spent a little over twenty four hours in Berlin, for a German luxury brand called Edited. I flew in, slept, shot all day in the small, cold, green gym of a primary school in the city, and flew out. In between I managed to drive by the Berlin Wall, covered in graffiti and art, and stop at a traditional Weinachtsmart where I did some lightening last minute xmas shopping and tried Glühwein, a hot sweet wine typically served there for the holidays. Photographed by Nicolas Kantor and styled by Fransisca Nellesen.

Rag & Bone, Brooklyn

Zuzu Tadeushuk

Rag & Bone online material, shot over a few days in Bushwick by Dario Catellani and styled by Zara Zachrisson.

Vogue Ukraine February 2017, Brooklyn

Zuzu Tadeushuk

In a beautiful white apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, on a very cold December morning, we chased the sunlight across the wall. The story was for Vogue Ukraine, the theme was the designer Olivier Theyskens, whose clothes we shot exclusively. There was an adorable cat, but he was not allowed in the pictures. Although he did try several times. Many thanks to dynamic duo Jens and Marina Ingvasson (photography and styling), and to Laura Stiassni for makeup and David Colvin for the soft shiny hair. 

Slimi Magazine Spring Issue, New York

Zuzu Tadeushuk

On the first day after New York Fashion Week, in September of last year, I spent a beautiful autumn Thursday on the streets of China Town for the intriguingly titled Indie mag "Slimi." Missing my college English class, traveling from block to block and changing in a van, it was another quirky day in my quirky existence, and another place I came to know through modeling. Photos by Jason Kim, Hair by David Colvin, Styling by Anna Katsanis, Makeup by Cedric Jolivet, Casting by Jorge Morales. 

Valentino PreFall Presentation, New York

Zuzu Tadeushuk

Another Excruciatingly Early (5am) call time in New York last week, this one for my dear Valentino, at the new Beekner Hotel opening down in the financial district. A large and characteristically colorful collection, it was just me who didn't get much color to my outfit--also characteristic :) A huge pleasure and honor to walk again for one of my favorite brands and one of the kindest designers. Thanks to Michelle Lee for casting and Pierpaolo Piccioli for the magical garments. Styling by Joe McKenna, Hair by Guido Palau, and Makeup by Pat McGrath. xxx

BHLDN Lookbook, Italy

Zuzu Tadeushuk

The Italian holiday I wrote about a few months ago? This is what came of it: many moments of lounging and skipping and vespa-riding in the magnificent Palazzo Margherita, Francis Ford Coppola's famed Bernalda hotel... All for the bridal branch of Anthropology/Urban Outfitters--BHLDN (pronounced Beholden, though how one would know that I'm not certain)! Shot by Diego Uchitel, styled by Mané Duplan, and directed by Tracy Showalter. A million thanks, for ever and infinity, for taking me to this magical place and giving me this unforgettable adventure <3 

Oscar de la Renta Pre Fall

Zuzu Tadeushuk

The presentation of of OdlR's Prefall 2017 Collection took place on a cold and excruciatingly early December morning in midtown Manhattan. My two looks for the show were oddly paradoxical--as you can see, one was gypsy/peasant chic and the other some sleek evening creation of silk and slippers that I'd hardly ever be caught wearing in my real life. But ah, that's the beauty of my job, isn't it?

Photos courtesy of

Unconditional Magazine Issue 4, Saugerties, NY

Zuzu Tadeushuk

On a thrilling day in September, I drove myself to work. To most people that may sound like the most mundane of daily occurrences--a commute,--but for me, who either takes the bus into Manhattan for a job or a plane to Europe for one, driving to work was rather rare and delightful. I listened to NPR, sat in traffic, watched the trees and mountains ripple by along the NYS thruway up to exit 20. My shoot was in Saugerties, NY, at a farmhouse in one of those unremarkable, soundless pastoral swaths of Northeastern US countryside. Work that day was for Unconditional Magazine, a new publication run by intelligent women for intelligent women, and there were only four of us on set: a stylist (Ilona Hamer), photographer (Alexandra Nataf), me, and another model (Zaga Grau). Thank you to all! <3

Ace & Jig, Look-book Spring 2017, Brooklyn.

Zuzu Tadeushuk

Last September, in 2015, at the bright, fresh, and uncertain outset of my first Gap Year, I took a day out of my action-packed debut New York Fashion Week to shoot a lookbook and campaign for the niche Indie brand Ace & Jig, founded and owned by two American women who design all the textiles and fabrics they use in their collections. They are some of the most down-to-earth, personable characters of this fantastic fashion galaxy I work in, and they bring beauty—and humanity—to the world with each new collection. (Fun fact: the factory in India that they employ to weave their textiles provides all its workers with local organic produce grown using repurposed water!)  

This September, at the outset of my second gap year, and in my third and far less action-packed NYFW, I again shuttled over to Brooklyn for a day to shoot their look-book and campaign. The lookbook is out now, on (The campaign images are still to come, and I can't wait!) Thank you again to this wonderful, inspiring team: it was a pleasure to work with you ladies again!

Wall Street Journal, November 2016

Zuzu Tadeushuk

Set in a chic apartment in Upper Manhattan, this editorial was shot by the most sweet and diligent Luca Khouri for an online feature of the WSJ magazine. The day was long but the setting enchanting (you can read my post about just how unbelievable the place was HERE) and the mood astoundingly relaxed--as you may be able to tell in the pictures! Titled "Denim After Dark," the story actually strikes me more as a "How I Wish I Looked Every Saturday Morning," or a "This Would Be Me If I Had Enough $$ for All These Autumn Pieces." Styled by Alex Fisher, hair by Shinya Nakagawa. <3

V Magazine Online, NYFW

Zuzu Tadeushuk

Similar to the Fashionography entry below, this online photo collection by V Magazine highlighted upcoming faces of New York Fashion Week (or in my case just upcoming faces in general?). Photography: Max Papendieck. Hair: Cameron Rains, Make up: Niki M'Nray. 

The Fashionogrophy, NYFW Feature

Zuzu Tadeushuk

An online segment "capturing fashion's freshest" upcoming faces, this feature for The Fashionogrophy was shot in a small studio located intriguingly within the actual bounds of the Brooklyn Navy Yard-- I needed a permission slip and a barcode to get in!

Photography Jai Odel, styling Katelyn Gray, Hair Takashi Yusa, Makeup Deanna Melluso, Creative Direction Alexei Key and casting Amy Lowles. Thanks!

Bon Magazine September '16, Chinatown, New York

Zuzu Tadeushuk

Shot in Chinatown by the artistically alternative Chad Moore, styled by sweet and Swedish Zara Zachrisson, and cast by the appropriately named Nicola Kast, this shoot was very easy, laid back, and, hence- delightful. We had a wide variety of adventures over the course of a rainy afternoon and evening during which we roamed the streets, climbed to random building rooftops, posed at Chinese fish stands, stepped in puddles and lounged on beds. There was no hair or make up, which I really liked (ever a fan of the neutral and au natural), and all was shot on film. Thank you to everyone involved, it was a pleasure.

Vogue Mexico, September 2016, New York

Zuzu Tadeushuk

This was probably one of the most enjoyable shoot days I can recall doing. On a studio set as well as in the hall outside the studio, fantastic german photographer Nicolas Kantor captured look after look in a steady easy stream. It was a very artistic shoot (something I surprisingly don't do all that often) as the stylist and photographer were continually developing the idea and slant of their vision, and I had some small margin of freedom to influence that vision myself. Personally my favorite image from the story is the portrait in the Chanel top hat that looks like a cook pot-- although a close second is the pinstriped legging yoga warm up moment....

Credits: photographed by Nicolas Kantor, styled by Catherine Newell-Hanson, hair by Sabrina Szinay, make up by Georgi Sandev, cast by David Chen. Thank you!