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Unconditional Magazine Issue 4, Saugerties, NY

Zuzu Tadeushuk

On a thrilling day in September, I drove myself to work. To most people that may sound like the most mundane of daily occurrences--a commute,--but for me, who either takes the bus into Manhattan for a job or a plane to Europe for one, driving to work was rather rare and delightful. I listened to NPR, sat in traffic, watched the trees and mountains ripple by along the NYS thruway up to exit 20. My shoot was in Saugerties, NY, at a farmhouse in one of those unremarkable, soundless pastoral swaths of Northeastern US countryside. Work that day was for Unconditional Magazine, a new publication run by intelligent women for intelligent women, and there were only four of us on set: a stylist (Ilona Hamer), photographer (Alexandra Nataf), me, and another model (Zaga Grau). Thank you to all! <3