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Test Shoot

Zuzu Tadeushuk

It's surprisingly rare to find creatives who share a common aesthetic taste with their subjects, and who by chance want to portray you just the way you've always wanted to be portrayed. David Urbanke was one such lucky find, and on a hot day in June I sallied over to his West Village apartment for what's called a "test shoot" with him and a young make up artist. A test shoot is a shoot effectively donated by each of the talents involved as a mutual favor, as it goes to augment all our respective portfolios. We each make some small stipulation of what we want out of it, and all work to give the others what they want-- very democratic, you see? But with David I hardly had to utter one word of request: his visuals seemed to line up seamlessly with mine, and the resulting shoot was more play than work-- I felt I was actually involved in the crafting of the art, and not just the indifferent- though vital- vehicle of it. Thank you!