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Rebecca Taylor Lookbook, New York

Zuzu Tadeushuk

This shoot just came out a few weeks ago, but it actually took place more than six months ago! It was a hot September morning in a spacious white Tribeca apartment. The day proved warm enough that we were sweating as we worked, and holding kittens in sticky hands was more than mildly uncomfortable. The apartment we shot in was more than bizarre: rented for the day from a small, blond woman who hawkishly presided over our every move, it was filled from floor to ceiling with dolls. China dolls, wax dolls, stuffed dolls, as well as figurine animals and lacy baby's outfits dangling limp from small embroidered hangers and attached to the walls like artwork. The place had a confusing, eerie aura of dustiness and antiquity to it--until the photographer's crew gingerly relocated every figure and trinket to the office room at the back and cleared space for us to shoot in. Photography by Kava Gorna, Clothes by Rebecca Taylor, Hair Tamara MchNaughten, Make-up Deanna Melluso. Thank You all dearly!