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Repossi Jewelry, Paris

Zuzu Tadeushuk

I threw up all night the night of January 26, 2017. I was in Paris, renting a room in a lawyer lady's apartment, and I was gripped by my mystery migraine/bug. But worse than the pangs and lonesome hours awake in the dark was the fact that the next day I was shooting--and shooting a rather raw, close-up lookbook. Happily, however, my stomach had calmed when I woke the next morning and made my way an hour North to the suburb of Saint Denis, where I proceeded to get lost along a highway outside the metro and receive many confusing directions from homeless people under an overpass before finally finding the studio where I was expected. I was flustered and an hour late. My pains were rewarded generously, though, by the shoot that ensued, a shoot who's ease, simplicity, and naturalness satisfied a craving I've had for authenticity in appearance. No cakey makeup, no straightened hair, no layers or distractions obscuring me. Now, months later, the images have been published in an artful Repossi book that I cherish. Migraines and the intricacies of Saint Denis notwithstanding, this shoot is among the favorites of my career. Photographed by Jeremy Everett, styled by Malina Joseph Gilchrist, Jewelry of course by Gaia Repossi. Thank you all!