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Zara Ecom, Spain.

Zuzu Tadeushuk

I've always admired Zara's online imagery. Everyone has: I've been on high-fashion jobs who's moodboards and hair & makeup reference sheets are riddled with screengrabs of Zara e-com. Somehow, Zara has engineered a radical, desirable, immaculate brand characterized by rich lighting, elongated photograph angles, artsy crops, inventive garment styling, and, most interesting to me, distinct models. Thus this affordable "fast fashion" label has, rather improbably, become an arbiter of taste not only in the fashion industry but in the modeling realm as well. And so I was thrilled in the end of July to fly to Spain to shoot for them--for a whole week. The days were long and relentless, with near-infinite racks of merchandise to photograph and a single break in which to rest my feet. Exhausted and sleep-deprived at the end of the week, I returned home having learned that Zara e-com, like most things in life, is a lot less glamorous behind the scenes than it may initially appear, but oh was I thrilled to have been to the locus of one of my favorite brands, and to have seen the magic in action.