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Marie Claire Italia, Brooklyn

Zuzu Tadeushuk

This past July I spent two days in a mobile home under the Brooklyn Bridge--with a rather famous (and infamous) photographer and a closet stuffed with every coat and sweater of the latest collections. They were rainy days, and the layers were appreciated in the clammy breeze coming off the East River. I was shooting a Fall story for Italian Marie Claire, and the team was one of the most kind and familial of any I've worked with so far. I genuinely enjoyed collaborating with them to enhance their work (makeup, hair, styling), and it was one of the most physically strenuous shoots I can recall delivering. I was constantly in motion: running down streets, hopping onto and off rocks, balancing on railings, doing backbends and splits and squats in a dance-like hunt for the perfect pose. By sundown of the second day my hamstrings were sore and my elbows bruised, but I'd done my job thoroughly: our shoot was selected for one of the September covers of the magazine. Photography: David Bellemere, Styling: Elisabetta Massari, Hair: Benoit Moeyaert, Makeup: Dheanna Hagan. Thank you infinitely!!