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Nordstrom Holiday Catalogue, New York

Zuzu Tadeushuk

My family goes on vacation every August to a lake in Connecticut, usually for the first week of the month. We drive up in a car loaded with books and towels and costumes for our photoshoots, and, every year, our turtle Marina who is too high maintenance a pet to be left in anyone else's hands. This year, however, I was not in this car, because the first day of our vacation I was booked by Nordstrom for their December catalogue shooting in Milk Studios, and couldn't very well deny one of my best and most loyal clients. The shoot ended up being fun and sufficiently worth missing Day One of lake life, for on set I met an old friend from my first months of modeling back in my junior year of high school. Shooting with Emma Waldo once more was a happy coincidence, and that night I was Connecticut bound, gleefully racing through the night. Thank you Nordstrom!